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Biorhythm Compatibility

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Is Biorhythm Compatibility Incompatible With Logic?
By Dmitry Konovalov

I think it's time to set the record straight on an important misconception about biorhythms. Just over thirty years of experience with biorhythms has taught me that using biorhythms alone to predict compatibility is impossible.

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Biorhythm Compatibility

In my experience, biorhythms don't measure compatibility. They measure energy patterns and energy dynamics in relationships. The more compatible a couple's biorhythms, the more dynamic their relationship is likely to be... either good or bad.

Let's use a mind problem to illustrate this point. Every woman who was born on the same day as Stalin would have the same biorhythms as him. And therefore all the biorhythm programs would score their compatibility as 100%. Without going into a lot of detail, I think reasonable people would agree that not all of the women in the world born on 12/21/1879 would be able to "live happily ever after" in a romantic relationship with the guy. And by the same token, not all of the men in the world who were born on the same day as Mother Theresa would be able to find marital bliss with her (had she wanted to marry)... not even all of the good guys and certainly very few of the really bad ones.

What biorhythmic compatibility does accurately measure is the energetic potential of the relationship. It's like biorhythms can predict the dynamic volume range of the music two people make in their relationship. But biorhythmic compatibility can not and does not predict the choice of songs the couple will choose to sing or the quality of their music.

So in addition to consulting biorhythms, any valid determination of relationship compatibility must also include personality compatibility, compatibility of major life goals, compatible and/or similar interests and favorite activities, etc.

In fact, it is these "other" factors that determine compatibility... biorhythms only predict the energetic amplitude at which the relationship plays itself out. Returning to Stalin as an example, let's assume that Stalin was a "bad" guy. Let's also use our imagination to hypothesize that 100 "good" women somehow got tricked into marrying him. Because he is bad and all of them are good, we know that all the relationships would fail... but at different rates. Those women who had 0% biorhythmic compatibility with this man might take two weeks to kill him in his sleep. Those with 100% biorhythmic compatibility would finish him off in two days (smile).

More compatible biorhythms, in effect, turn up the volume on relationships... they push the accelerator further toward the floor... they get the relationship to where it is already destined to go faster and with more intensity.

There is another important factor in determining the potential for success of a relationship... simple energetic preference. There are many people in the world who want something completely different from the rest of us in a relationship. Some people just don't want fireworks and magic in their relationships. Some people want a relationship that feels like they married their brother, sister or best friend. Some people want safety, predictability and even a little boredom in their relationships.

Personally, I can't fathom that. I'm still looking for the 98% biorhythmic 'compatible' relationship. But I have to wish for even more than that match. I have to hope that the 98% person I find will be an intensity freak like me. Otherwise the relationship will blow up in our faces because it is too intense for them. It could be the best relationship of either of our lives, but if the energy and intensity exceed either partner's energetic capacity, they will begin to feel they are out of control and run like the wind away from the relationship... no matter how good. Actually, some relationships are too good for some people. And as crazy as that sounds some or even many people are more comfortable with boredom or even conflict than they are with the heights of happiness and passion.

So what are biorhythms best used for? help you learn about your own energy patterns and preferences, and what you are looking for energetically in a partner. You won't know if you want a relationship with a 100% biorhythm-compatible partner until you actually meet someone close to that and see how you actually like that level of energy in the relationship. Once you know at what 'volume' you like your relationships played, you can then begin looking for that intensity level in a person whose personality, interests and life goals are also compatible with your own. And may you live happily ever after!

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