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Before you get into the article, I would like to share my viewpoint. The article on negative aura colors was written well over 10 years ago and we have evolved tremendously since then. Since I cannot edit the article, here is a little advice.. When she mentions negative, just replace that with 'lower vibration' or 'slower vibration'. Negative energy is simply a slower vibrating energy. There is nothing 'bad' about it.

Everything in our aura says what beliefs we carry with us. If we think we did something bad, this will show up as a negative aura color. If we did something someone else calls bad and we accept their viewpoint, that shows up as a negative aura color. The lower vibrating emotions, like anger, judgment, resentment, and depression all show up in our auras as negative colors.

Also, only the individual can possibly know what they came here to learn. In my opinion, there is no misuse of energy. It is all useful and it is divinely guided. We are ALWAYS doing the best we can given our current awareness. As we become more conscious, our vibration raises and we act more from the heart space.

We are divine love at our core and when we are in alignment with that, our auras are bright and shiny. When we are out of balance and not acting from that heart space, we muddy our aura colors. So, off my soapbox and on to the article.

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Negative Aura Colors

By Ines Mi

Negative energies show corruption of the divine energy, divine light. They are energies that we have somehow misused and created a lack of the divine energy which they once were. Every single positive color has a negative. For example a ruby red indicates someone full of life, with high aspirations and passion, while maroon red indicates someone who has misused their sexual energy,someone operating from the lower level of consciousness.

Gray is associated with

- Fear

- A gloom and doom attitude

- Someone who is "stuck" in a present situation and cannot see his/her way out.

- Illness

- Worry, If someone is momentarily worried about a certain situation gray will show within their aura. Gray will also be there if the person is a constant worrier.


Charcoal Gray indicates despair.


Gray-Black indicates deep grief and loss.


Mustard Yellow

- indicates someone being lazy and not moving forward with their life.

- could also indicate illness


Dark Orange/Burnt Orange

- indicates someone that has become full of self pride and egotistical.


Dark Brown

- can show someone capable of cruelty.

- the desire for power

- selfishness

- someone headed in the wrong direction

- guilt

- repression

- misery


Dull Brown shows someone who has an insatiable desire or greed.

- Lack of ambition


Green - Brown indicates jealousy.


Avocado Green, This is a very dark green.

- Deceit

- Greed

- indicates a person consumed with jealousy



- Malice

- Hate


Light Smoky Black indicates someone who is in despair, sorrow or even someone with suicidal impulses.


Having a mostly black aura indicates someone capable of murder.


© Ines Mi

Ines is a person just like you whose goal in life is to discover more happiness, joy and abundance. She is a psychic reader, life coach and a spiritual teacher who believes we are all here to guide each other towards a better life. On her website you will find tons of self help material, her cosmic podcast, a free aura class and of course an awesome free newsletter with loads of tips and advice towards a spiritual living. (her website is no longer).

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