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What Are Auras?

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Essence Of Auras
By Ines Mi

Everything has an Aura. Every object, animal and human being. The Aura around living (conscious) objects such as human, animals, plants is constantly changing. The Aura around non-living objects, such as crystals or water, is essentially fixed.

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Learn About Auras

The Aura for us as human, goes hand in hand with what vibrational level we are operating on.

Our Aura is a reflects our thoughts, state of mind, emotional being and spiritual evolution. The Spirit occupying the body at the present time is represented by the aura.

Human auras also work side by side with our chakras. When we are in tune with our higher self we are operating on a high vibration and our chakras are flowing with positive energy. In return our aura will reflect colors of that vibration.

When I speak of positive and negative in regard to the aura I am referring to spiritual energy. Positive energy is energy operating on a high vibrational level, and negative on a low one. Positive and negative goes hand in hand with being enlightened and unenlightened.

Someone whose aura for the most part is always negative is more likely to also be unenlightened. To be enlightened in laymen's terms is to be aware spiritually, as to be unenlightened has the opposite meaning.

As our mood changes so does our aura. Someone in an angry state of mind will reflect that, after the anger has passed the aura will return to their normal state. Some people are always angry, so their normal aura reflects negative energy.

By changing your aura, you can also change your life. It's kind of working from within to change the mood you are in.

I know as for as myself there are times when I will be prone to get mad rather quickly, once that happens I take the time and meditate on my aura.

We all have those days when nothing seems to go the way we plan, everything happens for a reason and a day like that is the perfect time to work on our aura.

Through doing that, I find that my state of being changes very fast from negative to positive. In this class (see the website), you will learn how to change your aura for the better.

Imagine being able to tell if someone is honest or deceitful without even speaking to them. That is what being able to see someone's aura will tell you.

An aura cannot be manipulated. It shows a clear outline of who we are at every single moment and it is never wrong. This class will teach you how to read someone's aura.

Being able to "see" auras comes in many shapes and forms, not just visually.

I would like to stress that anyone has the ability to see auras, just as anyone can develop psychic abilities.

The most common ability we all have is to feel, as in being empathic. Being able to "feel" someone's aura is something we all do, without realizing it at times.

When you can just tell someone is in a bad mood, you are reading their aura. Their expression and eyes may give them away, along with their aura.

© Ines Mi

Ines is a psychic reader and an intuitive counselor who assists her clients in finding clarity and reconnecting with the truth that resides within them.

For more information or a chance to win a FREE reading visit her website at (her website is no longer).

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