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Aromatherapy & Your Pets

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Some More Aromatherapy Tips
Aromatherapy & Your Pet

Pets & Aromatherapy

There are so many phenomenal benefits to using aromatherapy and it really can be tons of fun learning about aromatherapy and using what you learn!

I certainly don't want to dampen your excitement or enthusiasm about using aromatherapy.

However, I do want to add some caution where aromatherapy and pets are concerned.

Aromatherapy For Beginners

Pure essential oils are extremely powerful and although the aromatherapy oil might bring you improved health and well being, it may not always be safe to use on OR around your pet.

Following these simple suggestions can help give you peace of mind and might just save your pet's life.

The Magic Of Aromatherapy Picture and Some Tips About Aromatherapy & Pets. If you have pets (especially cats & birds), be sure they have access to fresh air when you are using aromatherapy. You may think it smells great, but your pets body may not be able to handle it Just make sure they are in a place where they can get fresh unscented air. Tips About Pet Aromatherapy including cats, dogs, and birds. Aromatherapy For Beginners

This does not mean that you cannot use aromatherapy products if you have pets. On the contrary! It is only a suggestion that you use some care to make sure your pet has access to fresh air and that you seek advice from your holistic vet before using essential oils ON your pet.

Susan G. Wynn, DVM says: "... Complicated questions - I don't think it is fair to say that oils are *always* toxic, just as it isn't fair to say that infusions are always safe. Oils are probably trickier in untrained hands". ~

For aromatherapy information about cats, please visit The Lavender Cat (OS) They have a pdf file (TheLavenderCat_temp_use.pdf) you can download that you may find helpful.

For aromatherapy information about dogs, please visit
Cyber Canine (OS) This site is no longer, but I have restored the aromatherapy information through the 'wayback machine' at

For aromatherapy information about birds, please also visit
Cyber Canine (OS) Again, through the wayback machine.

Learn The Basics About Aromatherapy
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