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Fun Image-Grandpa's Free Fun Stuff Pages. Free wicca & pagan fun things to do online. Metaphysical online activities for kids of all ages. Be sure to visit our store, too! free astrology, psychic tests, and more. Lots of free pagan and metaphysical things to do online.

FREE FUN Metaphysical Fun To Do Online!

Below are just a few free things to do online, such as charting your biorythms or finding out the color of your aura. Just for fun!

Any listings with (OS) next to the link will open a new tab or window and take you to another website.

FREE Online Biorhythm Calculator

Free Biorhythm Calculator Online-Get your daily biorhythm chart. It is for free, online, just for fun!What Are Biorhythms? Biorhythms are cyclical waves that begin on the day of your birth. There are 3 cycles that tell your physical, intellectual, and emotional levels on any given day.
Click Here To Try Our FREE Biorhythm Calculator! (this is on our Learn Stuff pages.)

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FREE Aura Colors Test

Free Aura Testing Online-Find out what color your aura is for free, online, just for fun!What Color Is Your Aura? Is red the most dominant color in your aura? Maybe your aura is mostly yellow.

How are your aura colors influencing YOU - your love life, money, health, happiness and more?

Take the aura color test, and learn what color is most dominant in your aura, and what the different colors mean. Very interesting!

NOTE: They will require an email address to get the results of the Aura Color Quiz...
Click Here, to take the Aura Colors Test! (OS)

Maybe your the sort of person that just loves to learn stuff of an occult or metaphysical nature! Have you checked our Learn Stuff pages, yet? We have articles on aura reading, dream interpretation, karma, huna, many different religions, an online Book of Shadows (spell book), information on crystals, and more. Click here, to visit Grandpa's Learn Stuff Pages!


Feed The Head Free Fun!

Feed The Head is for free, online, just for fun!Feed The Head
Ok, this is just weird... but it's fun, too! It's really weird fun!

You find yourself on this website and there is nothing but a head, just sitting there. No body, just a head. It's eyes follow your every movement and soon, you find out that it likes to eat things. Will you feed the head?

There are many secrets to the head. Can you find them all? Feed the fish, grow some hair, change your nose, run a race, watch a couple of movies, expand the head. All of these experiences can be yours, if you explore EVERYTHING and feed the head....

Can you unlock all the secrets of this mysterious head? Click Here, to Feed The Head! (OS)


The Color Oracle
The Color Oracle is for free, online, just for fun!

The Color Oracle - This is FUN! It is kind of like a personality quiz, but it is based on colors.

You are shown 25 color swatches and you are to pick your favorite and least favorite colors. As you click on them, they disappear from the color choices. You choose the colors several times.

When you have finished selecting your colors, an interpretation is made of your color choices. This is all based on your current state of mind. If you go back in a few days, you may get a completely different interpretation, because your emotional state effects your color choices.

Want to try it for yourself? Click Here, to go to The Color Oracle! (OS)


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