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Fun Image-Grandpa's Free Fun Stuff Pages. Free wicca & pagan fun things to do online. Metaphysical online activities for kids of all ages. Be sure to visit our store, too! Free tarot readings online and free astrology, psychic tests, and more. Lots of free pagan and metaphysical things to do online.


Any Fun Stuff listings marked with (OS) next to the link will open a new tab or window and take you to another website. Ok?


Check out our Crystal Ball Oracle. You have tried the others, now try this one out. We would love to know what you think of it. Just click here, to tell us. Ready to try the Oracle? Just click on the Crystal Ball to take you there!


Free Online Fortune Telling Oracles - (OS)

When will I be married? Does he/she love me? Will I win the lottery? You can ask the oracles questions of life, romance, or just about anything you can think of. Get your Horoscope, I Ching, Runes, Tarot Card, Numerology Readings and More... and all for FREE!! Want to know the best days to plant a garden, to get married, to cut your hair? Check out the Electric Alamanac. There are dates auspicious for almost anything!
Click here, to visit the free fortune telling oracles at AstrologyLand! (OS)


FREE Intelligent Magic (Magick) - 2019 - Sorry, this site is offline.
Tired of the same old boring horoscopes and one-size-fits-all fortunetelling games?

The first step toward learning your fortune is to pick your path from the choices available. Your answer will take you to another series of choices until you reach a relevant quote from History, Literature, Philosophy or Science. At that point, you will be asked to respond to the quote. How you answer determines your fate.
Click here, to visit Inteligent Magic!
2019 - Sorry, this site is offline.



Chinese Horoscope Image - Link To Chinese HoroscopesWhat Animal Are You In The Chinese Zodiac?
Are you a Horse, Snake, Pig, or Goat? Every year,
month, day, and hour, is ruled by an animal, in
Chinese astrology. To learn about Chinese Horoscopes,
animal rulers, and what animal was ruling the Chinese calendar the year you were born, Click Here to use our Chinese zodiac calculator!


CELTIC ASTROLOGY ~ What Celtic Tree Did You Fall From?

Tree Image-Celtic Tree Astrology-Link To What Tree Did You Fall From?Are you an Ash, Walnut, Birch, or Weeping Willow?
Ok, this is pretty cool, AND there is a listing of the REAL Celtic tree calendar on the page, as well. Why not try the first part, then check out the real Celtic astrology tree list. Maybe, when you are done, even visit the message board, to leave your opinion, and read the opinions of others!
Click Here, to find out what tree you fell from! (This is on our Learn Astrology pages.)


The Daily Horoscope Oracle

Horoscope Image-Link To The Daily Horoscope Oracle Today, you can experience something different. This is not a daily "horoscope". It is a daily oracle (divine guidance), based upon your zodiac Sun sign.Click Here, to take you there!


Three Card Gypsy Fortune Teller Reading

Joker Image - Link To Three Card Gypsy Fortune Teller Reading This is like a tarot card reading, only it is with playing cards! Click Here, to get your free 3 card reading!


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