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The Basics About Chakras
What Are Chakras?

Chakras ~ Wheels Of Light

Chakras are energy centers within the body. Chakra is the Sanskrit word meaning something akin to circles, wheels, or centers.

The word Chakras, describes the inner-connected energy centers in alignment with the spinal cord within what is called the subtle body. The subtle body is the psychic, non physical body that is superimposed upon our material body.

Each chakra governs different elements of our spiritual and physical health.. There are 7 major chakras- Crown, Brow, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base.

Chakras-The different colors show where the 7 major chakras are located on the body. Each one can be focused on for chakra meditation and an improved feeling of health and well being. Chakras ~ Wheels Of Light Learn about chakras

  • The 1st chakra  is the root/base chakra and its color is red. The first chakra relates to survival, security, and feeling welcome in the world.
  • The 2nd chakra  is called the sacral chakra and its color is orange. The second chakra relates to creativity and sexuality.
  • The 3rd chakra is the solar plexus and the color is yellow. The third chakra relates to personal power and decision making skills.
  • The 4th chakra is the heart chakra and the color is green. The fourth chakra relates to loving others, the ability to be loved, and compassion.
  • The 5th chakra is the throat chakra and its color is blue. The fifth chakra relates to communication and expression.
  • The 6th chakra is the brow chakra and its color is indigo. The 6th chakra relates to pychism, intuition, dreaming, spirituality and mediumship.
  • The 7th chakra is the crown chakra and the color is violet. The seventh chakra relates to divine wisdom, true understanding, and spirituality.

Each chakra is either open or closed. They may be active, under active, or overactive. Ideally, all the chakras are balanced.

There are several corresponding scents, gemstones, colors and other spiritual and mystical aspects to these points of light and energy. Balancing these energies can create a healthier body, mentally, emotionally and physically.

According to Eastern philosophy, blocked or negative energy can lead to emotional and physical ailments. It is believed that meditation on the various chakras can help the body and mind heal. It is also believed that each of the chakras is stimulated by color and fragrance. The key factor in using these tools is one's positive intentions, willingness, and desire for harmony and health.

To learn more about Chakras and how to work with them, please visit our chakra pages for more articles on the chakra system.

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