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Grandpa's Free Monthly
Drawing Winners
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Grandpa's has always been known for having great free drawings, ever since we opened our store in 1996.
We used to have a giant pumpkin, of which people had to guess the weight and other interesting free contests like that. With our move to the internet, guessing the weight of our pumpkin had to go, but we have replaced it, with a variety of monthly drawings.

Almost every month, Grandpa's has a drawing for great free gifts! 
The free prizes may be books, incense, bath salts, psychic or divination tools, ritual supplies, or ???

Some months, you may need to answer some questions about the prizes. Other months, you may just need to add your name and email to the free drawing entry. The information is always at hand and it is never very difficult to enter, if you read the page in question...

It doesn't cost anything to enter and the winner is drawn, randomly, from among the valid entries.

This page is a listing of recent past drawing winners, just for those that are curious...

April 2004
Prize-Leather Wolf Sheild
Drawing Winner-To Be Announced

March 2004
Prize-Sparrow Birdhouse Clock
Drawing Winner-Debby Magin, From Maryland

February 2004

Prize-Brass Statue of the Hindu goddess Kali.
Drawing Winner-Becky Roy, From Washington

December 2003 & January 2004
No Drawing

November 2003
Prize-Carved Soapstone Elephant Oil Burner
Drawing Winner-Diane Dubay, From New Hampshire

October 2003
Prize-Love Amulet and Spell Candle
Drawing Winner-Chris Madison, From Colorado

September 2003
Prize- Book-Egyptian Maatt Book of Shadows
Drawing Winner-Paige Bock, From North Carolina

August 2003
Prize-Book-The Magician's Workbook
Drawing Winner-Cynthia Leggett, From Mississippi

July 2003
Prize-Book-The Magician's Workbook
Drawing Winner-Marcia Luongo, From Florida

June 2003
Prize-Book-Spell-a-Day Almanac For 2003
Drawing Winner: Shari Drake

May 2003
Prize-Book-Llewellyn's 2003 Magical Almanac
Drawing Winner- Chris Madison, From Colorado

April 2003
Prize-Ouija Oracle Card Game
Drawing Winner-Paige Bock, From North Carolina

March 2003
Prize-Book-Scrying For Beginners
Drawing Winner-Theresa Wagner, From New York

February 2003
Prize-Assorted Astral Sea Luxury Bath Salts
Drawing Winner-Betty Dennis, From New Jersey

December 2002 & January 2003
No Drawing

November 2002
Prize-Book-The Magical I Ching
Drawing Winner-Peter Garifalos

October 2002
Prize-Assorted Zodiac Incence & Accessories
Drawing Winner-Brenda Riley

September 2002
Prize-2003 Astrological Calendar
Winner-Kim Ellis

August 2002
Prize-Chakra Balancing Kit
Drawing Winner-Linda Sams

July 2002
Prize-Hanging Incense Burner & Accessories
Drawing Winner-Carmellia T.

June 2002
Prize-Ritual Of Joy Spell Kit
Drawing Winner-Nadine Cox

May 2002

Prize-Ritual Of Tranquility Spell Kit
Drawing Winner-Renee Wirick

Thank You, ALL, for entering our free drawing to win free stuff, from Grandpa's.

Keep entering, at least once a month! It only takes one entry, and you could be the lucky winner!

To find out when we will have the the next drawing, what the next great prize is, or to enter the free drawings,
Click Here!
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nature, are presented or sold as curios only. The owners and staff at Grandpa's General Store make no claims as to the effectiveness of the
products sold, or to the validity or effectiveness of any of the magickal/metaphysical information presented. But on a personal note... our
customers have overall been very pleased with these products and services. Want to know what people say?
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