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This will be Everyone's message board.  You are free to
discuss almost any subject. Please, remember we all have
a right to our own beliefs and try to respect those of others.  

We would like to keep this a positive  board.  If you are
looking for information, feel free to leave a message about
what you are looking for.  You never know who will have
an answer. Anyone may post. Anyone may reply.
Play Nice!  :-)  
Email us about anything!
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Grandpa's Metaphysical Message Boards. A place for Wiccan, Pagan, and new age message board. Positive Magical message boards.
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Grandpa's Metaphysical Message Board
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the window, and you will return here!

Looking for some people to chat with about wicca,
being pagan, new age, metaphysical topics, astrology,
Ask at Grandpa's Metaphysical Message Board.
Want to know about incense?  What are the best crystals
for fertility? How to do a spell? What is the best tarot
layout?  Ask at Grandpa's Metaphysical Message Board.
Want to know about timing? Where to find the best
information on? What are good books about?
Ask at Grandpa's Metaphysical Message Board.

You never know who will have the answer...
Have fun and play nice!

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