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The Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross Tarot spread is good for looking at a particular question, or to get a feel for where things are heading. This Celtic Tarot spread is probably the most widely used and one of the very first spreads the Tarot novice wants to learn.
The Celtic Cross Tarot spread will work with just about any Tarot deck or divination deck.

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Layout
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Reading The Tarot Card Positions
In The Celtic Cross Spread

1~The first tarot card in the Celtic Cross is where you are at this moment in time, what is going on in your life as it relates to your question, and what the environment is or your possible concerns regarding  the question.

2~The second card is what crosses you, for good or for bad. If it is a "positive" card, it is about what can help or aid you.  If it is a "negative" card, it is what is moving against you or stands in your way, blocks that will have to be removed to make progress.

3~The third card is the basis of the matter. This is a foundation card, what you have already that supports you in where you are now (1). This can be a very telling card, as it can show you what has brought you to the need for the question in the first place.

4~The fourth card represents both present and passing influences regarding your question.  It can also be things or emotions that may have blocked you, but are definitely moving towards the past and out of present importance. It is something you are moving away from at this time.

5~The fifth card is your hopes OR fears about the question. It can represent your mental and emotional state about your querry. There are some who read this card as the best you could wish for.

6~The sixth card is where you heading in the near future. This is what is evolving at this moment and will be presenting itself shortly regarding the question. It also shows the new elements that will influence the environment as time progresses. It is what is coming into being.

7~The seventh card in the Celtic Cross spread is how the near future will evolve. It represents you and how you deal with the influences that are coming in regarding the question.

8~The eighth card is what new changes or obstacles are in the path of your goals, including other peoples influence on the near future regarding the question. This is a good card to look at how others feel, will respond, or want for you about your question.

9~The ninth card is how you will be in the near future, how your environment will effect you. It can show how you will feel about the events unfolding, and how you could be thinking or reacting to the near future regarding the question.

10~The tenth card in the Celtic Spread is the one everyone waits for. It is the Outcome. This is what WILL be, regarding the question, IF you do nothing different than you are doing now. It is NOT, in my opinion, unchangeable.  If the outcome is not good, perhaps you need to rethink the direction you are heading on your path, and how you deal with things in your life, at present.

Some Final Notes On This Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread has been arranged in many different formats/layouts.  This is only one of those. Some put the past on the right, some on the left, some put the basis at the top, etc.. If you find another Celtic spread that you like better, by all means, use it. There is no right or wrong, from my viewpoint, this is just how I learned to lay it down.

Once you decide, use the same Celtic spread or layout, every time you use the spread. The answers will come much faster and more clearly. I am NOT saying to only use the Celtic spread. There are may great Tarot spreads, just right for different types of questions. I am saying, in my experience, when you use the Celtic Cross Tarot spread, you will most likely get easier to understand answers if you use the same Celtic layout/format, each time.

It is also good to decide and "announce" to yourself-higher self-spirit helper, etc., what spread you are going to use, before you even begin to shuffle the cards. I believe you will get a much clearer answer to your question.

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