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The Birthday Spread

This tarot spread is good for looking at the upcoming year, by illustrating where you are on your path, what your objectives are, what stands in your way, and how you can get where you want to go.
This tarot spread will work with just about any tarot deck or divination deck.

Tarot Spread Layout
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Reading The Tarot Card Positions
In The Birthday Spread

1~Where you are at this time, what is going on in your life.

2~What you would like to enter your life in the next year, where you want to be heading.

3~What you have, what your strengths are, what empowers you.

4~What you need to manifest or do, to make your goals a reality.

5~Where you are now, physically & materially.

6~Where you are now, on an emotional level.

7~Where you are now, on a spiritual level.

8~What obstacles are in the path of your goals.

9~Ultimately, what you need to do, to make your goals a reality.

Although, this is a Tarot birthday spread, it could be used at any time, to find out what direction you are heading over the next year, and how to achieve your goals.