Whether you need to let go of a painful heartache, a destructive habit, a frightening worry, the death of a loved one, or a nagging discontent, this book shows you how to call upon your own hidden powers and how they can take you through and beyond any challenge or problem.
Learn to : conquer stress, the 10 steps to freedom, clear away obstacles, live life on your own terms, release your inner strength, banish fears and negativity, and stop self-defeating behaviors. 

Guy Finley is the author of over eight books and books-on-tape, several of which have become international best-sellers.  His writings are found in public libraries throughout the United States and his work is widely endorsed by doctors, celebrities, and leading professionals.

The Secret of Letting Go       215pg.        Paper Back     $9.95
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The Secret of Letting Go
By Guy Finley
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