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Tonka Bean-1 oz. Whole
Item Number: HTB1
Availability: IN STOCK

Grandpa's Dried Herbs
Whole Tonka Beans ~ Mojo
Magic Herbs - Love Wishing Beans

Whole Tonka Beans or Love Wishing Beans
I am so happy to have these back in stock! We went almost 2 years without them. I hope you will be pleased, too! Tonka Beans are known mostly for their fragrance, which is reminiscent of vanilla, almonds, cinnamon, and cloves*. Tonka bean is a wonderful addition to potpourri mixes and sachets, either used whole, or cut up in pieces.

Tonka beans are black and wrinkled in appearance, with a smooth brown interior. Tonka has sometimes been used commercially as a substitute for vanilla, but has been banned in the USA for food use. It is also sometimes used in perfume and is commonly used in tobacco*.
*reference: wikipedia

Hoodoo Wishing Beans ~ Tonka Bean
Magical Use Of Tonka Beans
Magick Herbs Whole Tonka Bean

Magical Usage For Whole Tonka Bean
In magic, Tonka bean is said to be feminine, relate to the planet Venus, and the element of Water. It is most often used for love, courage, and money spells. Also known as tonga beans or love wishing beans, tonka beans are used in magic, you guessed it, to make wishes come true!
Magick Herbs-Tonka has a scent that is said to be very similar to fresh mown hay and is often used as a substitute in spell oils and magick spells that call for fresh mown hay.

A Magical Wishing Spell:
Take seven tonka beans or wishing beans in your strongest hand and concentrate on your wish for a moment or two. Then throw them into a stream, knowing that you are sending your wish out to the Universe to manifest!

A variation on a hoodoo mojo bag for wishes:
You can also take seven wishing beans and place them in a red flannel bag, together with a piece of paper that you have written your wish upon in dragon's blood ink. This wishing bag may then be carried until the wish manifests.
You can also add symbols to your wishing bag, such as clovers (for luck), hearts (for love), magnetic sand (for attraction), a rabbits foot (luck), a silver dime (for money), etc., for added power.

It is said for best results, the mojo bag should always be kept hidden from the view of strangers and should never be touched by another, or the power may be lost.
Make your mojo wishing bag personal and powerful to you, and never underestimate the power of belief! Magick is in the mind. If you don't believe, chances are very good that nothing will come of it...

Tonka Bean Details:
Our Whole Tonka Beans come in a 1 oz. zipper bag, in similar packaging to the picture, with various metaphysical information on the back. There are approximately 15-25 whole tonka beans in an ounce. This will vary, as each bean is a different size. :)   The tonka beans may or may not come with crystals on the outside of the bean. The crystals are naturally occurring coumarin and are to be expected. They may be freely added to your potpourri or spell bag for added scent.

Please note that Tonka beans are considered toxic because they contain coumarin, an anticoagulant, so should not be ingested unless you KNOW what you are doing.

We do our best to bring you fresh dried herbs that are non-irradiated, and wildcrafted or organically grown. We always try to provide the freshest dried herbs available to us. All bag sizes are approximate and packaging may vary on occasion.

Please do read the disclaimer, at the bottom of the page, before purchasing any herbal products from us. Be sure to check out out our specials, for any dried herbs that may be on sale! Magick Herbs like whole Tonka beans for sale, magical herbs in our occult shop wishing beans for mojo bags. Dried Herbs like tonka, also known as tonga, love wishing beans, and whole tonka bean used for potpourri or for magick like hoodoo mojo bags for wishes! herbal incense

Tonka Bean-1 oz. Whole
Item Number: HTB1
Our Price:
$4.79 each
2+ = $4.29 each
4+ = $3.79 each

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