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GPA White Copal Resin Incense-1oz.
Item Number: GPRCOP
Availability: IN STOCK
Spellcraft Supplies ~ Copal Blanco
White Copal Resin Incense
Charcoal Incense Resins

Grandpa's White Copal Resin Incense

Grandpa's offers a variety of Unique Gifts, Occult & Metaphysical supplies, including a large selection of magical tools, ritual supplies, and metaphysical books for seekers on many paths.

Magical Incense ~ Ritual Tools
Gum Copal Resin Incense
Spellcraft Supplies

White Copal Resin Incense ~ Charcoal Resins
Known as Gum Copal, White Copal, and Copal Blanco, this resin incense comes from a family of trees known as Bursera. These are small trees that are related to both frankincense and myrrh. This Copal can be found growing in North, South, and Central America and is considered sacred to many peoples of South and Central America, including the Mayans. Copal resin incense is burned year round in the churches of Mexico and has been used as an offering to the gods in Central America. As maize(corn) is the food of the people, so copal is the food of the gods, they would even so far as to shape the copal into ears of maize.

Copal smoke may have been employed for trance induction by shamans of Mesoamerica, but all the facts are not in yet. However, copal was definitely used by the shaman for divination purposes. "The shaman picks up fourteen grains of corn and holds them in incense smoke. He then chants, asking the sacred hill spirits to guide him. Next, he casts the grains (of censed maize) onto the cloth and interprets where they fall" (Sandstrom-Corn is Our Blood-1991:236).

White Copal incense has a clean, light, woody scent, almost fruity or citrus at times. Some people say it is similar to a very light myrrh scent, or a combination of frankincense and lemon. A great incense for clearing negative energies and making positive changes, white copal is a very uplifting fragrance. It is a wonderful aid to spirituality and feeling connected to divinity. An extremely positive and loving energy, white copal can help one to feel more content and peaceful with life, but also can aid in making changes when life is not as wonderful as it could be. Just sprinkle a few granules onto hot incense charcoal and voila!

Gum copal resin incense is a FANTASTIC incense for smudging. If the space is full of negativity, stagnation, or a loved one has been ill, copal can cleanse the space quickly and raise the vibrations at the same time. A great impetus for change, if you have been feeling stuck in your present circumstances, copal can be a true aid in helping you to move forward in a positive direction. Kind of like getting the pendulum moving. :-)

White Copal Resin Incense
Spellcraft Supplies ~ Ritual Tools
White Copal Resin ~ Charcoal Incense Resins

White Copal, Gum Copal, or Copal Blanco resin, relates to the signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. It belongs to the element of Fire, and is ruled by the Sun. In Magick, White Copal is used for: cleansing, exorcism, love, protection, purification, empowerment, healing, and spirituality. White Gum Copal is also used to purify crystals for use in magick. Copal incense is wonderful for cleansing the aura or environment of negative energy.

Gum copal incense is cleansing and uplifting. It can help to clear out the clutter or psychic sludge that builds up with day to day mundane activities (like watching the news or a bad day at work). White copal is also used in healing, clearing out the negative energies that puts one at dis-ease. The resin may be burned or carried to attract love or to aid one in becoming more loving. Also known as Mexican frankincense, the gum incense may be substituted for frankincense and Vice Versa.

Grandpa's White Copal Resin Incense-Known as Gum Copal, White Copal, and Copal Blanco, this resin incense comes from a family of trees known as Bursera. Copal smoke may have been employed for trance induction by shamans of Mesoamerica, but all the facts are not in yet. However, copal was definitely used by the shaman for divination purposes. Shop at Grandpa's Occult Shop, for all your Magical tools and Spellcraft Supplies!White Copal Resin Incense Details:
In the photo, White Copal resin is on the middle row, in the center. It comes cut and sift, a combination of powder and balls (mostly balls). Grandpa's White Copal resin incense is packaged in a 2" x 3" zip lock bag (about 3/4 to 1 ounce), with basic charcoal incense burning information on the back. Print this page for metaphysical usage.

White Copal is a wonderful resin incense for anyone that wishes cleanse, heal, or connect with divinity. Copal is a great incense for the magical cabinet. However, it will not burn by itself, but needs to be burned over charcoal blocks.

Always use with heat-proof container when burning charcoal incense and never leave burning incense unattended. Keep away from children, pets, and flammable materials.

Need a charcoal incense burner to go with that White Copal resin? Check out our charcoal incense burners, here. You will find charcoal blocks/disks here.
Need other charcoal resins and incense? Check out our other resin incense, here. Be sure to check out out our specials, for any metaphysical incense, spellcraft supplies or other metaphysical gifts that may be on sale! White Copal Metaphysical gifts-Magickal Incense-Unique and Unusual Gifts-Spellcraft Supplies-Magickal resin incense

GPA White Copal Resin Incense-1oz.
Item Number: GPRCOP
Our Price:
$2.99 each
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