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Garnet Gemstone Essence Incense 1 oz.
Item Number: INGEMG
$4.49 $3.89
Availability: IN STOCK
Grandpa's Gemstone Essence Incense
Meditation Tools
Gem Powdered Incense
Crystal Incense Powders ~ Garnet Chakra Incense

Garnet Gemstone Incense

Grandpa's offers a variety of Unique Gifts, Occult & Metaphysical supplies, including a large selection of magical tools, ritual supplies, and metaphysical books for seekers on many paths.

~ Garnet Gemstone Incense Powders ~
Meditation Tools
~ Garnet Chakra Incense ~

Our Gemstone Essence Incense comes in 7 varieties, each relating to a particular gemstone and chakra. These powders are match light incense. That is, they can be lit with a single match. They are also wonderfully fragrant powdered incenses with the essence of gemstones to awaken the energy centers of the body.

Practitioners of crystal healing believe that gemstones and crystals, contain energies that can assist in the healing of body and mind. The key factor in using these tools is one's positive intentions, willingness, and desire for harmony and health.

Gemstone Essence are wonderful fragrant powdered incense! Each incense powder relates to a particular gemstone and is patterned after the color, brilliance, and fire of that stone. There are 7 different Gemstone Incense; Garnet, Carnelian, Citrine, Aventurine, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, and Quartz Crystal. Each fragrant incense relates to a particular gemstone, energy, and chakra. To learn a little about chakras, click here. This will open a new window. Just close it to return to this page.

Awaken And Balance The Chakras
With Garnet Gemstone Incense

According to centuries old Indian Tradition, when all the chakras are awakened and in balance, the Kundalini Serpent of personal power and awareness rises, releases its energy, and connects us with the Universal Spirit. Use our incense in their rainbow of gem colors, to awaken and balance your inner energy.

Garnet Essence is red and relates to the 1st, root, or base chakra. Garnet incense can awaken potential and help one to become balanced with the earth. It is also used to assist in love, security, and power issues. Frankincense is one ingredient used in this fragrance.

Garnet Chakra Incense
Gemstone Powdered Incense

Meditation Tools-Garnet Gemstone Essence are wonderful fragrant powdered incense! Each incense powder relates to a particular gemstone and is patterned after the color, brilliance, and fire of that stone. Allow the colors, fragrances and gem essences to awaken and balance your inner energy. Meditation ToolsGarnet Incense Details:
Each big bag of Garnet Gemstone Essence Incense comes in a 3 x 4 ziplock type bag. The bags weigh approximately 1 oz. and are fairly full to the top. On the front of the incense bag is information about which chakra the gemstone relates to and its properties. The back of the Garnet bag gives basic incense burning information.

These powdered incenses are match light incense. That is, they can be burned without charcoal. Simply place a small amount of the Garnet incense in an appropriate (heat proof) incense burner and light with a match. Allow the color, fragrance and gem essence to awaken and balance your inner energy. We recommend you choose an incense burner made for charcoal, even though charcoal is not required to burn this incense. One that will handle excessive heat. Need an incense burner? Check out our incense burners, here!

Garnet incense may be used to help bring the qualities of the gemstone into your environment during healing sessions, chakra work, or just for pure enjoyment. Gemstone Essence also makes a wonderful companion in your daily meditation!

Want to know more about incense? Click here to learn about how to use many types of incense.

Interested in more incense, like sticks and resins? Check out our other incense supplies. Be sure to check out out our specials, for any other metaphysical supplies that may be on sale! Gem Incense for sale-Metaphysical gifts-magical incense supplies-Shop for Unique and Unusual Gifts Store-Magickal Tools Incense-Incents

Garnet Gemstone Essence Incense 1 oz.
Item Number: INGEMG
Our Price:
 $4.49  $3.89 
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