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Dove's Blood Ink-1 oz.
Item Number: DOVBLI
Availability: IN STOCK
Spellcraft Supplies ~ Magic Spell Inks
Dove's Blood Ink
Magical Inks

Dove's Blood Ink

Grandpa's offers a variety of Unique Gifts, Occult & Metaphysical supplies, including a large selection of magical tools, ritual supplies, and metaphysical books for seekers on many paths.

Metaphysical Inks ~ Magick Spell Ink
Spellcraft Supplies ~ Tools For Love Spells

Dove's Blood Ink
No, these are not real blood inks. These are magick inks! No animals are injured to make these magick inks. Dragon's blood is the resin from a palm tree. It is said to add power to any magickal endeavor, is a wonderful tool for protection, can alleviate impotency, and will entice a lover to return. Dove's blood ink is made from Dragon's blood resin. In addition to Dragon's blood, Dove's blood ink has special oils known for their positive energy, thus producing an ink more suited for love, peace, harmony and romance.

Using Magickal Inks For Spell work
Dove's Blood Ink
Spellcrafting Supplies ~ Magick Inks

The magick inks you use while casting your spell or ritual can be very important in the results you achieve.
You can add herbs or oils to your magick ink, to add power to your spell or ritual. If you are only going to need a small amount, try mixing the magic ink and herbs or oil in a separate vessel. This way, you can use your bottled magic ink for another purpose, in the future and you won't have to dedicate your entire bottle of ink, to just one type of magic spell ...

Dove's Blood ink is traditionally used for writing spells and/or drawing magick pentacles for love, romance, and peace. Dove's Blood ink is also used for petitions, amulets, etc.. for the same purposes. It is said that Dove's blood ink, will add a lighter touch than dragon's blood and is also good for thanking spiritual helpers, Gods, & Goddesses.
Say you have a little love spell you want to perform and it calls for writing symbols, or wishes, on a piece of paper and then carrying or burning the paper. Traditionally, Dove's Blood Magick Ink would add that much more love power or energy to your spell, giving you a better chance for success.

Anna Riva's Dove's Blood Ink-Dove's blood ink has special oils known for their positive energy, thus producing an ink more suited for love, peace, harmony and romance. Shop at Grandpa's Occult Shop, for all your Magical tools and Spellcraft Supplies!Dove's Blood Details:
Our Dove's Blood ink is made by Anna Riva, a name well known in magical circles for many, many years. Each bottle of ink is 1 fluid ounce. The ink comes in a glass jar, measuring about 1 1/4" across x 2 3/4 " high, with a plastic lid. The ink bottle comes in a ziplock bag with a basic information sheet.

Magical Inks make fine gifts for your witchy friend or anyone interested in magick, the occult, or metaphysical subjects. Dove's Blood is a staple item in almost every magical person's cabinet.

Need paper or pen to go with that Dove's blood ink? Check out our other spellcraft supplies, here. Be sure to check out out our specials, for any metaphysical incense, spellcraft supplies or other metaphysical gifts that may be on sale! Dove's Blood Metaphysical gifts-Magickal Inks-Unique and Unusual Gifts-Spellcraft Supplies-Magickal Ink

Dove's Blood Ink-1 oz.
Item Number: DOVBLI
Our Price:
$2.99 each
2+ = $2.89 each
6+ = $2.79 each
12+ = $2.49 each

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