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Blue Wish Bracelets
Item Number: JWISHBL
Availability: IN STOCK
Hippy Gifts
Unique Jewelry ~ Wish Bracelets
Fortune Bracelet ~ Good Luck Jewelry
Metaphysical Gifts

Blue Wish Bracelet

Grandpa's offers a variety of Unique Gifts, Occult & Metaphysical supplies, including a large selection of magical tools, ritual supplies, and metaphysical books for seekers on many paths.
This section is just plain fun stuff and novelties for kids from 6-106.

Blue Wish Bracelet
Metaphysical Jewelry & Gifts

Blue Wish Bracelets ~ Also known as fortune jewelry, or good luck bracelet ... Made from hand woven palm cord, you tie the wish bracelet onto your wrist, and make a wish. Rub your beads, every day, and as you do, think about that wish that you have made. Ancient legend has it, that when the bracelet wears off, your wish will come true!

Metaphysical Anklets
Good Luck Anklet ~ Wish Anklets

Want your blue wish bracelets to bring good luck more quickly? Wear them as wish anklets, instead! Rumor has it, that the wish anklets wear off in about 2/3 of the time that a wish bracelet does.

Unique Jewelry ~ blue Beaded Wish Bracelets

Blue Wish Bracelets! Not just another trendy piece of jewelry. Tie a bracelet on, make your wish. Think about getting your wish every time you notice your bracelet. To add more energy to manifesting your wish, be sure to rub the blue beads every day, while thinking about your wish as if it has already happened. When your bracelet wears off, your wish may come true!

Each blue wish bracelet is made of 3 strands of palm, braided. Some of the same types of bracelets are made from hemp. These are made from palm. These little good luck bracelets measure about 11"-13" long, and have 7 blue beads in the middle.

Wish Bracelets-Metaphysical Jewelry-Fortune Bracelet-Each wish bracelet is made of 3 strands of palm, braided. Some of the same types of bracelets are made from hemp. These are made from palm. These little good luck bracelets measure about 11

Wish Bracelet Color Associations
Each bead color represents a metaphysical energy in nature, and a possible wish. According to the jewelry maker, the wish bracelets colors have the following meanings:

• Black Wish Bracelets -Fortune, Resolutions, Letting Go
• Blue Wish Bracelets -Love, Healing
• Green Wish Bracelets - Hope, Healing, Money, Prosperity
• Gold Wish Bracelets - Fortune, Abundance
• Multi Color Wish Bracelets - Unity or Any Wish, in Chakra Colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, & purple. These colors may vary, occasionally)
• Pink Wish Bracelets - Love, Any Wish
• Purple Wish Bracelets - Spirituality, Energy
• Red Wish Bracelets - Lust, Passion, Health
• White Wish Bracelets - Truth, Peace (Maybe white or clear.)

Want to know more about the magical associations of colors? Click here, to learn about the magical associations of color for candles! This can help you decide what color you might like for a wish bracelet, too! The link opens a new window. Close the window, to return here.

Kid's Fun Stuff ~ Blue Wish Bracelets
Blue Braided Fortune Bracelet ~ Good Luck Jewelry
Metaphysical Jewelry

Blue Wish Bracelet Details:
Each bracelet measures about 11"-13" long, and has 7 blue glass beads in the middle. Each blue wish bracelet comes packaged in a 3" x 4" clear zip lock bag, with a legend sheet enclosed. The wish bracelet legend tells about the bracelet and the meanings associated with the different colors.
Choking hazard-Not for children under 3.

The perfect gift for your favorite hippy, just make a wish and it may come true! Wish bracelets are great for helping you to manifest and remember your goals. They also make wonderful party favors and inexpensive stocking stuffers.

Looking for other metaphysical jewelry? Just click here, to take you to our jewelry section! Be sure to check out out our specials, for any wish bracelets or other jewelry that may be on sale!Metaphysical Jewelry-Wish Bracelets-Unique and Unusual Jewelry-Weird and Strange Gifts-Good Luck Charms-Novelty Jewelry-metaphysical Novelties-Novelty wish toy-fun kids stuff

Blue Wish Bracelets
Item Number: JWISHBL
Our Price:
$1.79 each
2+ = $1.50 each
12+ = $1.25 each

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