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Friday, February 23 2018 @ 05:53 AM

Polls in System

Topic Voters Poll Created bararrowup Open for Voting
What Is Your Favorite Color? 196 05/12 12:07PM Yes
Which Would You Rather Do? 40 05/12 12:07PM No
What Is Your Religion?
Pick Closest - Please only vote once
126 05/12 12:06PM Yes
Would You Buy Metaphysical E-Books? 94 05/12 11:52AM Yes
Which Would You Rather Be?(add comments if you like) 25 09/15 10:20AM No
What Is Your Favorite Part Of Grandpa's? 12 03/03 03:07PM No
What Is Your Favorite Metaphysical Subject (Right Now)? 37 03/03 03:06PM No

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