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Monday, June 18 2018 @ 05:11 PM

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Astral Temples and Journeys

HealingAstral Temples and Journeys How they Heal the Mind

How to Build an Astral Temple
If this is your first astral journey you will need to establish or build a home base of sorts in the astral realm. An astral temple does not literally be a temple or building. For many wiccans, an astral temple is a place in nature (a clearing in a forest, an open meadow, a beach, a cave. While some choose a place that they have actually been to and where they feel safe. It can also be a place that you imagine, like mine is.

Your Astral Temple should be a place in which you
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Basic Reiki - How To

Healing Reiki is a Japanese phrase which means 'Universal Energy'. Its history is enshrouded in myth, legend and parable, but the simple fact is, it works. Reiki is simply the process of channeling Universal Energy through oneself and into some one (or something) else.

Many people think that you have to have an "attunement" by a reiki master to begin using reiki. However, Robert Morgen says it is NOT necessary and personally, I believe him as I already had that sneaking suspicion myself. See what you think...

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