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Monday, June 18 2018 @ 05:12 PM

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I am Still Here!

Erins CornerJust an update.... I'm still on Earth!... So, do you think the picture does me justice? Nearly dead, or undead, but still kinda cute in a nearly dead metamorphosis kinda way...
Many incredible changes are going on in my personal life and it may be many moons before the store reopens. However...
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Thanks, Everyone!

Erins CornerI just want to say thank you, to everyone for all your kind thoughts & support, and to let you know the "last hurrah" sale will continue through the end of May. After that,
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Flag Flying Day - September 11

Erins CornerThis is a copy of an email I just received from a dear old friend. It is about the upcoming anniversary of 9/11 and how you can participate to make a difference.

"Our Marine, MGSGT Mark Coates, is leaving for his 3rd Iraq tour next Monday (his 41st birthday, no less).

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Vacation ~ Closing for Labor Day

Erins CornerJust wanted to let you know that our offices will be closed Thursday, August 31, through Tuesday, September 5.

Have a great (and safe) labor day weekend everyone!

Love and Peace,
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No More Red Pentacle Windchimes

Erins Corner
No More Red Pentacle Wind Chimes, Boo Hoo...
Well, my occult & metaphysical gift shop is open again and everything seems like it is getting back to normal. Orders are shipping in the normal 2-4 bussiness days (except for flat shipping orders-More on that to come).

However,there will be many changes in the store, shortly.
I have had some mysterious ongoing misunderstanding with

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News Flash!

Erins CornerSorry to disappoint you, but it looks like we will be closed a little longer than expected. I won't go into the reason why, but the store should be reopening about August 4-7.

Just so you don't worry, everything is fine. There is just going to be a slight delay in reopening. :)

If anything changes, I will post that here. I will also post it on the holiday schedule page. You can get to the holiday page by clicking on the "closed temporarily" headline in the shopping area.

See ya soon!

Love and Peace,
Erin :)
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Erin's Corner-Store Closing

Erins Corner


Grandpa's shopping area will be closed for the month of July, 2006. We will be accepting orders right through the 2nd of July, when the shopping carts will be turned off until August 1st.

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