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Monday, June 18 2018 @ 05:13 PM

Astral Temples and Journeys

HealingAstral Temples and Journeys – How they Heal the Mind

How to Build an Astral Temple
If this is your first astral journey you will need to establish or build a home base of sorts in the astral realm. An astral temple does not literally be a temple or building. For many wiccans, an astral temple is a place in nature (a clearing in a forest, an open meadow, a beach, a cave. While some choose a place that they have actually been to and where they feel safe. It can also be a place that you imagine, like mine is.

Your Astral Temple should be a place in which you feel safe and free from interruption. It does not matter where it is or what it looks like, as long as you feel at ‘home’ there.

The first step to building your astral temple is to relax, breath naturally and close your eyes. Now visualize your safe place in your mind’s eye and put your astral body in the middle of it. It is wise to, once you get there to think of mental defenses around your safe place. By envisioning a maze, booby-traps, towers, moats, walls, ect. surrounding it. These will all be there to protect your astral temple from any unwanted intrusion.

The purpose of an astral temple is to provide a safe heaven in your own mind. Your astral temple is a place where you can go if you are stressed or just uncomfortable because nothing can hurt you there but yourself.

Arriving in your Astral Temple
Close your eyes and relax. In your mind visualize your astral temple as though you are sitting in the middle of it. If you feel like you are pretending, ignore the feeling and continue to visualize. Any further mention of body parts refer to your astral body which is, at the moment, in the middle of your astral temple.

Open your (astral body remember) eyes and look around your astral temple. Look ,touch smell and hear everything you can in your astral temple. Stand up and walk around. Is it warm or cold, dry or wet? What do you hear? These are all important tasks to achieve because they help make you more familiar with your astral temple. This is important to do for the first few times because every time you come to your astral it will become easier and easier.

I have been going to my astral temple (which is a tower in the middle of a pine forest, where the walls are lined with oak book shelves and a fireplace on one side with a Persian rug and two red couches in front of it in the middle of the tower) for many years now. Because of this, now, all I have to do to get to my astral temple is close my eyes and think of the warmth of the fire in my temple and I’m there! I usually come here to relax but I also come here to explore and study. Because I have a photographic memory I used and advanced meditation technique (and a lot of time) to store every single memory in a book under a special topic. Every book I have ever read, everything I have ever seen, heard or experienced is carefully organized on those book shelves. It makes studying for exams rather easy!

By individually focusing on each memory and then sorting it I have found my recall time is much quicker, I am able to focus more clearly and faster, and I have found that I have also become more observant. This is quite a lot of benefits for the simple task of meditating and organizing my astral temple.

Returning Home from your Astral Temple
When you are ready to return home, ( you can stay in your astral temple for as long as you like, from minutes to hours to days, but just remember that if you are planning on staying in there for days your loved ones might think you are in a coma!) Sit in the middle of your astral temple (where you started) and close your eyes. Relax and slowly count from one to ten feeling yourself become more aware with each number. When you reach ten open your eyes. You are back in your real body. Take deep breaths and begin to reacquaint yourself with the world around you.

Future Journeys to your Astral Temple
When you get comfortable going to and from your astral temple, relaxing and exploring the astral world are the next steps. For this you will need to go outside your astral temple and find out what is around it and outside it. May I suggest making a map because you have a whole new world to explore! Travel North, South, East and West. Notice how there are no cities or towns and no pollution of any kind. Consider this your untouched paradise, try and keep it that way! Also note that there are no animals or other people. Some people find this fact daunting and lonely while others may find it peaceful. The only things that can come to your astral realm are the Gods and Goddesses and lastly your familiar or spiritual guide.

Maybe you will find a deserted wooden cabin or a cave with pictures of animals on the walls.

After much exploration, and a lot of walking, I discovered that in the astral realm you can instantly go there after you have already explored it in the same way you familiarized yourself with your astral temple. Be observant and you will find that the journey is easier and more enjoyable. To do this, you must first sit down wherever you are in the astral realm and close your eyes and visualize the journey there, every single step. (this is why you must be observant!) Open your eyes and you should be at your destination. If it doesn’t work the first time don’t feel discouraged, just try again.

If you have not yet had a close encounter with a god or goddess, know that you can meet them in your astral temple. To do this sit in the middle of your astral temple and speak, out loud, requesting an audience with a god or goddess. Please specify the name of the god or goddess. Now, do not necessarily expect to see them in their human form. You may feel a presence or hear a voice or even see them in their animal form.

You can also find your familiar or spiritual guide in the astral realm. (will write about that at another time!) Also anything you find in the astral realm you can bring back to your astral temple, if you can carry it. So feel free to bring back some nick-knacks from your journeys and decorate your astral temple with them.
Advanced Journey Exercises
A little more advanced journey might include planting a tree or garden, creating a ritual area and even doing an entire ritual (including casting a circle, calling the gods and elements ect.) within your astral temple or nearby. In fact, all the people that I have asked, so far, who have tried this, find astral rituals preferable to rituals done in ordinary reality. – especially if they can not afford the correct tools, find privacy in order to perform the ritual, are away from home or unable to carry the correct tools for whatever reason.

I hope you find this both informative and if you follow the directions, enlightening.


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