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Monday, June 18 2018 @ 05:09 PM

Thanks, Everyone!

Erins CornerI just want to say thank you, to everyone for all your kind thoughts & support, and to let you know the "last hurrah" sale will continue through the end of May. After that, we will be closing the store so that we can pack everything up, sell our home, and move west ( New Mexico, I think...).
Customer service will continue through the summer, until we move.
After we move, we plan to reopen the store, maybe even another brick and mortar version. Just don't know yet....
During the months that the store is closed, there will be many changes to the web site, hopefully changes most will enjoy. As always, I look forward to any "suggestions" that visitors may have about how they feel the site could be improved upon. Just drop me an email!

Love and Peace,


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