A description of our group:

An open group, dedicated to the exchange of knowledge
and experiences, relating to the Tarot. We talk about the
tarot cards, the different layouts, meanings, folklore, and
any questions about them.   This is a peaceful place where
people can come to talk about the tarot, in an environment
of sharing and compassion.

People with all levels of tarot experience are welcome here.
If you want to learn about the tarot, are interested in
improving your skills, or just want to share what you know,
in a positive way, please join us! This is one of the more
friendly Tarot communities, out there.

Just click here, to visit our old board! 
Click here to visit the new message boards!
It is that easy!

Hope to see you there :)

Love and Peace,
Erin Gjertsen
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This is a really fun way to meet new people and learn about the tarot!  This group is for absolute begginers through advanced level.

Do you need lessons in the meanings of the cards, in
interpretation, do you have trouble putting it all together?

Maybe you just want a reading, or want to understand what
the Tarot is? Maybe you would love to meet others that
read cards, and discuss the subject? 

Maybe you have been reading for years, and would like to help others on the path?

You can know absolutely nothing about the tarot, or be a tarot adept, and fit in fine, here.  There are no
requirements to join the group, except that you treat others in the group with kindness and patience.  We are all learning and no question is stupid.

So, come have fun with us! Learn about the mystical world of the Tarot!
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Ryder Waite Tarot Deck. Learn more about it in our tarot discussion group! In our tarot community, we  chat about the meanings of the tarot cards, the different tarot layouts or spreads, and chat about tarot symbolism, too.  Come play with us!
How Does It Work?    

1) Just visit our message board
and follow the instructions for
posting to Tarot Discussion.

2) If you have a question, simply
add your question to the board,
and wait for a reply.

3)You can keep checking back,
or when you can receive email
notifications of replies, if you
register with the group.

You can just read and "lurk" or
you can join in asking and
answering, at any time! 

Any other questions, just
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