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Learn Image-Grandpa's Free Learn Stuff Pages. Learn about astrology and the Current Moon Phase Information-Free wicca, pagan, witchcraft, mystic, and spiritual information online. FREE astrology information online. Be sure to visit our store, too! Not just chock full of Pagan supplies, we also have new age and metaphysical gifts for seekers on many paths. Free tarot readings online and free astrology, psychic tests, and more. Lots of free pagan and metaphysical things to do online. astrology how to and free learn astrology articles, including the Current Moon Phase Information


Free Astrology Information!
Current Moon Phase Information

See The Current Moon Phase

The current moon phase. Why would it be helpful to know the Moon phase?

The current Moon phase can be helpful in planning fishing trips, planting a garden, and in using magick.

Fish seem to be more active on the new and full Moons, so knowing these dates can be very helpful, but those are only 2 days of the month. Knowing the Moon rise/set time and the Sun rise/set time can add times of every day that fishing will be more fortuitous.

Planting is almost always more successful, if the seeding or transplanting is done between the new and full Moon. This waxing Moon is a period of growth and plants will tend to take hold faster and stronger.

In magick, the period from new to full, or waxing Moon, is used for magick involving increase. The waning moon, from full to new, is used for decrease. Look in our online book of shadows for more information about using the Moon for magical timing.

Below the zodiac pictures, is a javascript current moon phase calculator.  Have Fun!

Ancient Zodiac Picture-Free Astrology, Current Moon Phase Information and Free Daily Horoscopes  Copper Zodiac Picture-Current Moon Phase Information and Free Daily Horoscopes

What Is The Current Moon Phase?

Current Moon Phase USA


Current Time and Date:   Wednesday 18th September 2019 02:27:58 AM CDT

Below, is how the Moon looks today, from the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres.

The Current Moon Phase:

Current Moon Phase In The USA Image

Current Moon Phase In The Southern Hemisphere Image



The current Moon phase in the USA is:  85% Waning Gibbous

The current Moon is 85% Illuminated.

The Moon is 18.498290009711 days old.



Moon phases in the USA for the next month:

Last Qtr New Moon First Qtr Full Moon
Sat Sep 21 Sat Sep 28 Sat Oct 05 Sun Oct 13


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