What Are Biorhythms?
Biorhythms are cyclical  waves that begin on the day of your birth. There are 3 cycles that tell your physical, intellectual, and emotional levels on any given day. The biorhythm is measured, based on a zero line, and how far above, or below the line the biorhythm wave sits.  In general, the farther above the zero line a biorhythm cycle is at any given point in time, the better one is able to interact in that arena.  This is not to say that a biorhythm wave below the zero line means that you will not do well in that area, it simply means that it will be more difficult to do well.

Physical Biorhythm Cycles

The physical cycle lasts for  23 days and controls how much physical energy, strength, and endurance you will have, as well as initiative. When the physical biorhythm wave is above the zero line, you are more likely to be healthy, feel better, and have more energy.  When the physical biorhythm wave is below the zero line, you are more likely to become ill, will tire  more easily, etc.

Intellectual Biorhythm Cycles

The intellectual biorythm cycle lasts for a period of 33 days.  Above the zero line, you will be sharper of mind, think more quickly, remember better, and be able to solve problems much more easily.  Below the zero line, your mind will not react as fast, have more difficulty making decisions, that sort of thing.

Emotional Biorhythm Cycles

The emotional biorhythm cycle lasts for 28 days and relates to our emotional and creative state, for good or for bad.  Above the zero line, you will tend to be in happier, more cheerful. You may find you are less easily irritated and more artsy and creative. When the emotional cycle is below the zero line, you may find yourself more irritable, more easily saddened, and less productive in the creative arena. 

Critical or Zero Days

On the days that the wave actually crosses the zero line, you may experience more problems.  These are days you just need to be more cautious of accidents(physical), not making bad judgment calls(intellectual), being cautious of having serious heart to heart talks with anyone(emotional), depending on the biorhythm involved. Many other types of things might be involved, besides these. For instance, you may want to pick a day, where the physical line is above zero line for a surgery. Days, where more than one biorhythm  wave is crossing the zero line at the same time, are days to definitely pay attention to.

This is just to give you an idea of the types of things that could be involved on a critical day.  Since these happen every month or so, you are not necessarily going to have an accident every time.  It is just something to be aware of.

Biorhythms are not divination tools and will not predict an event. They may, however, give you some idea as to how you could react to an event, on a given day.  There is no "scientific evidence" that supports the theory of biorhythms, that I am aware of.  I still think it is interesting to follow. Ultimately, the choice is yours to decide if biorhythms have any significance for you.

Love and Peace,
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How to calculate your current biorhythms
To see your current cycles, using our biorhythm calculator, just enter your birth year, month, and day, then press calculate! You will see the three current biorhythm cycles on the calculator, shown in red, blue and purple "waves".  You can look at the biorhythm cycles individually, by removing the check in the box on the unwanted cycles.

How to calculate biorhythms for a previous cycle
Simply change your system clock date, to the date you wish to view, then enter your birth data. You will see biorhythm cycles for the month and year, in question. It is that easy!

To learn what the biorhythm cycles mean and how to interpret the biorhythms,read the general information, below the calculator.
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