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How To Use The Crystal Ball Oracle

The Crystal Ball Oracle can divine the answer to all your questions about life, love, money, etc. Think of it as an interactive Gypsy Fortune Teller, computer generated, something like the magic 8 ball. The best part is that it is FREE Divination, and fun, too!

Think of a question that may be answered Yes or No. Type your question into the box, above. Then clear your mind of any distractions. Concentrate on your question for at least 15 seconds, then click on the ask button. Your answer will be printed in the answer box, right below your question.

The answers are randomly generated, based on the exact part of the second that you asked the question. If you get an answer that you feel is unsatisfactory, try again tomorrow. Never ask the same question twice on the same day, unless the Oracle specifically asked you to repeat your question.

The Crystal Ball Oracle is provided for your enjoyment and entertainment only. For other Free Oracles, go back to Grandpa's Fun Pages. There you will find, at the bottom of the page, the Matrix Oracles. You can get free Tarot readings, free horoscopes, a free iching reading, free rune reading, free fortune cookie, free compatability reading, free numerology, free yes and no oracle, free word oracle, and even a free almanac of good and bad days to plan for events!

Original script©-L. A. Shadoff, 1997