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Daily Buddha
Courage means to keep working a relationship, to continue seeking solutions to difficult problems, and to stay focused during stressful periods.
~Denis Waitley
Spiritual Cinema Circle
‘It's not often you can combine entertainment with personal growth but that is exactly what The Spiritual Cinema Circle offers. These engaging films provide important messages about life, love and the world we live in.’ - Jack Canfield
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Spirit And Sky
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Fun Image-Grandpa's Free Fun Stuff Pages. Free wicca & pagan fun things to do online. Metaphysical online activities for kids of all ages. Be sure to visit our store, too! Not just chock full of Pagan supplies, we also have new age and metaphysical gifts for seekers on many paths. Free tarot readings online and free astrology, psychic tests, and more. Lots of free pagan and metaphysical things to do online.


Below are just a few free things to do online, such as charting your biorythms or finding out the color of your aura. Just for fun! More to come later!

What Are Biorhythms? Biorhythms are cyclical waves that begin on the day of your birth. There are 3 cycles that tell your physical, intellectual, and emotional levels on any given day.
Click Here To Try Our FREE Biorhythm Calculator!

Are you interested in psychic and occult type things? Have you been to our occult shop, yet? Click Here, for incense, oils, herbs, Tarot cards, astrology software, ouija games, runes, and more. All at Grandpa's Occult Shop & Metaphysical Supply!

Free Aura Testing Online-Find out what color your aura is for free, online, just for fun!What Color Is Your Aura? Is red the most dominant color in your aura? Maybe your aura is mostly yellow. Take the aura color test, and learn what color is most dominant in your aura, and what the different colors mean. Very interesting! NOTE: They will require an email address to get the results of the Aura Color Quiz...
Click Here, to take the Aura Colors Test!
Note: Clicking on the free stuff listing will open a new window. Just close the window when you are done to return to Grandpa's.

Maybe your the sort of person that just loves to learn stuff of an occult or metaphysical nature! Have you checked our Learn Stuff pages, yet? We have articles on aura reading, dream interpretation, karma, huna, many different religions, an online Book of Shadows (spell book), information on crystals, and more. Click here, to visit Grandpa's Learn Stuff Pages!


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